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Fandom Themed Asks!

annetalope -

Sailor Moon: What is your idea of genuine love? Have you ever felt this love?

Fullmetal Alchemist: What do you aspire most for in life? How close do you think you are to attaining this goal, and how will you achieve it?

Over the Garden Wall: What are your thoughts on death? Does it frighten you? Do you believe in life after death?

She-Ra: Have you ever had a life-changing revelation? Something you realized that changed your outlook on life? How has it affect you?

Avatar the Last Airbender: What environment/atmosphere puts you in the best mood/motivates you? Rainy days? Cool autumn evenings? Cafes?

Moomin: What season is your favorite and why? What do you enjoy doing during this season?

Dororo: In what ways do you prefer to show affection? Through words? With gifts? Cuddles?

Boku no Hero Academia: Who in your life do you think has positively impacted you the most? What moment with this person do you recall most vividly?

Steven Universe: Do you prefer stargazing, cloud gazing, or gazing at the ocean?

Naruto: In what ways are you most satisfied about your development as a person? Have you become Kinder? Happier? Wiser?

Gravity Falls: Do you have a favorite cryptid or urban legend? Do you enjoy creepy things?

Marvel: What qualities do you value most in a friend?

DC Comics: If you could live in any fictional world, be it from a TV series, movie or book, what would it be?

Star vs. Forces of Evil: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

90s Anime: Tell us about a life changing event and how you’re adjusting to it.

Pokemon: What's your favorite animal? What is it about this creature that makes you drawn to it? Could you see yourself having this animal as a pet?

Homestuck: Have you ever had to make a decision that changed your life? What was it and how are things different?

Haikyuu: What is your favorite passtime/hobby? Would you ever hope to make a career out of it?

Dragon Prince: If you could have a familiar, what creature would you want it to take form of?

Yuuri on Ice: What helps put you at ease when you're troubled? A cup of tea? Taking a walk? Reading?

Carole and Tuesday: What's your favorite kind of music? What kind of music can you absolutely not stand?

Voltron: Do you have any theories about the Universe and existence, be them your own or someone elses?

Legend of Korra: If you could posess one elemental power, what would it be and why?

kovyxmage asked:

fellow ancient kin!!:'D what is/are your kin type?

abbyarchive-deactivated-2020FebSat-200201050224-631 -

Those are gonna be Secret til I redo my kin page!

kovyxmage -

!! o0o can't wait, new friend!

i am otherkin guys, just putting that out there so you all know. i'll put together a biopage, but spiritually speaking i've had past lives as a kind of desert dwelling wild cat, and basically a dragon ig. they're both tough ones to explain, and they're both ET in origin so that's also confusing and ik sounds downright fictional to most. *shrug* but that's me and i won't look kindly on people making fun of the concept of legit kin, feel free to ask me about it if you're up for a spiritual explanation.

here's where i tried to explain it without spiritual references best i could, hope it helps ^^


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kovyxmage -

wf user lime gave me an excuse to try explaining it so here i go. it's really an innately spiritual thing, though not entirely, so i will do my best to put it in terms for those not in that circle. most people here know about gender things though, so i can use that.

it's comparable to gender in that your body is one thing, but your mind can be another. the mind can identify with something non-human as well, it's actually really easy cuz humans are very social creatures - and non-binary folk are a perfect example of this. by typical human genetics, there's only two sexes for the body, yet our minds can innately identify with something not normally known to us.

thus, otherkin and therians can identify with effectively any sort of creature. when it comes to the innate identity of our minds, there are no real constraints, neither physical nor social.

hey everyone, important question

do you have a method or order in which you eat m&ms?

if i have a lot i will eat them one by one in rainbow order, brown then red being first. like a whole rainbow of mnms, repeating until there's no more full rainbows left. if i only have a small amount, i'll do the same but reverse, eat the extras in rainbow order until there's only one rainbow left.

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coffee -

icecream discourse

chunky or plain?

thellere -

Plain but honestly only because I don't handle textures well

star-rice -

Same, plain all the way. Like, unless its caramel stripes or like, the softest cookie dough or very tiny chocolate bits, I dont want the crunch. I just want delicious smooth creamy icecream.

I particularly have issue with like, pistachio icecream because theres always actual nut bits in it and I literally cannot.

kovyxmage -

gimme de c r o n c h

man plain creamy is the texture i can't stand, crunchy or chewy always feels better to me... guess i just like using my teeth XD

jesrosewater asked:

tomato, fantastic beasts

i haven't seen it! ;;w;; but i loved the original HP movies, and my brother told me some about it, it sounds super cool from what i know of it. love the idea of an american wizard college, i wonder how many more magic colleges there are? o0o

shakespearean slang asks

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jesrosewater -

where's that post everyone keeps repouring about the rare word asks or whatever. fuck it i can't find it. ask me shit like this:

chungus - what's your favorite food

murdoc - what's something you've done that should've been a crime but wasn't

unicorn - something you liked as a kid that you want to rediscover the love for

sminson - fun childhood story

poggers - most recent awesome thing you did

meechee - most memorable thing that happened last year

lamp - what's a project that you were working on at some point (be it when you were 5 years old or 50) that will never see the light of day

undertale - are you religious, if so explain as much as you're comfortable explaining

tomato - asker lists a movie, answerer says their opinion on that movie

thanos - three things that just irritate you

miku - what's your social security number

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Pretty asks for pretty words

chemicataclysm -

Dulcet: Have you ever actually been in love? Have you ever lied about being in love?

Quintessential: If your life were a book, what would the title be? What would the cover look like?

Incipient: Do you consider yourself "older" yet? Do you miss being a kid?

Moiety: Who do you consider your family? Are they biologically related to you? Or is it an emotional relation?

Mellifluous: What's a song that reminds you of yourself? Why do you relate to it?

Languor: Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep?

Petrichor: What's your favorite season? Why do you like it?

Aesthete: Do you prefer being outside or being inside?

Effervescence: What's better: tea or coffee? Or do you prefer something else?

Becoming: Are you insecure about your looks? Why or why not?

Ephemeral: What's a good memory from your childhood? What makes it so memorable?

Illicit: Have you ever done any drugs? Do you enjoy them?

Sonder: Do you ever worry about strangers? Do you care about people who don't know you?

Incandescence: How much do you know about stars? Do you know any constellations?

Propensity: What's a quirk of yours that people find endearing? Do you like it?

Inure: Do you have any mental illnesses? How well do you cope?

Easeful: What type of socks do you normally wear? Do they match? How long/short are they?

Palimpsest: If you could go back and fix one past mistake, what would it be?

Serendipity: What do you want your future to be like? What do you think it will actually be like?

Petrichor: How do you feel about rain? Is it relaxing or stressful to you?

Dalliance: How easily do you let yourself love other people? Is it different if the love is platonic instead of romantic?

Limerence: Does anybody love you? Why do you think they love you?

Harbinger: Do you believe in fate or destiny? Why or why not?

Iridescent: What's your favorite color? Why do you feel drawn to it?

Hiraeth: What does home mean to you? Why is that what it means? Do you have a home?

Bucolic: Is being in crowds stressful for you? Do you like crowds or do you prefer empty places?

babushka -


thellere -

Sure let's go

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moon -

very cool and epic meme which i encourage you to share with your friends, family and coworkers

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star-rice -


Another picture of the sill from 2 weeks ago because my idiot ass didn't see the original picture was upside down.

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coffeedad -

reblog if ur a funky lil aboslute goblin

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star-rice -

hmmmmm, 12 queued posts a day is seeming like a big ol bummer. I reblog a bit too much for that.

Anyone have any thoughts about me making a 2nd side blog just for rebagels and keep this for replying to peeps, my own personal content, etc etc?

kovyxmage -

i don't mind reblogged stuff :o

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star-rice -

OKAY. Now for some actually updated images of the succulent in the new 12 inch hanging pot (up from the 6 inch it was spilling over).

Took these at different times of the day. Both of those times were not the best times, unfortunately. I'll grab more later when the sun decides it wants to be out at a good time.



So we're convinced the succulent is an old eldritch god trapped within chlorophyll form because this mother fucker didn't go into shock at ll from the pot upgrade. Look at all that new growth! He doesn't give a single fuck. Also if you look close you can see him trying to root in several places and Im just!!!!! He's so strong.

kovyxmage -

!!! a good strong baybeee~~

omg i actually know what kind of succulent this is, cuz of this really nice app called viridi

"senecio rowleyanus" aka string of pearls, native to southwest africa - the spherical shaped leaves allows for maximum water storage while exposing a minimum amount of surface area to the dry desert air. the leaves should not be confused with peas as they are toxic to humans.

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Frank being a fatty.

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themelonlad -


Start with a base color. I like to go with really dark blues or purples. black is also good:

pick the base tone for your bg galaxy. Imma do a purple galaxy for this one.

use the line to outline what shape you want it to be!! It can be splotches, lines, wiggly, space gas is funky.

next, take whatever brush you like best for blending. I use firealpaca and like using the watercolor brush. these are my settings if you want it: and take that, and blend out your edges. I usually expand a bit of the color then use the dark color to blend. Whatever works for you is also good.

Don't worry if it isn't perfect! Gases in zerogravity kinda look like food color dropped into water. It's actually better if its chunky.

Then pick a highlight color! Whereever your highlights are will be where stars and galaxy clusters are most dense in your galaxy. Keep that in mind for later.

rinse and repeat the blend:

and then pick your final highlight, close to white. Blend. You might have to make your blending brush a lil smaller for tiny clusters.

Now for stars! Firealpaca has a particle brush that's good for this. these are my settings:

either on the base layer or a new one, paint your background stars. Don't worry about being perfectly around your galaxy colors.

Then, your foreground stars! Use a smaller brush to get in that density in your bright areas (the brighter the area, the more stars there should be), and then feel free to play with the size as you see fit.

Now you can stop here if you'd like. These next bits are optional, I'm just a nerd.

Now stars, when in photos taken outside the atmosphere, will refract light in 4 equal points, all at the same angle. It's not just a cartoon thing! why don't all the dots have that refraction? Cause most of them are GALAXIES, my dude. wild, right?

drawing a few refracting stars is super easy!

Slap on a lil cross, at an angle. on a layer above it, do a lil curved diamond that lines up with your cross, like above.

Fill it in! Don't worry bout making it clean. Unless you want to.

Gaussian blur that babeyyyy

Reposition as desired.

Copy and paste!

Congrats dude! You just did space art!

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pansexual -


and that’s all the weeb Doulingo has taught me so far

kovyxmage -

i'd like to clarify for any who use google translate to see what this says

アメリカ人 will be romanized as "amerikahito", but pronounced "amerikajin". the /jin/ pronunciation is correct in this context, the difference is like saying "america person" vs "american".

so very glad duolingo teaches that pronunciation, it works for other countries too so you can add jin at the end to make it like " イタリア人 " or " ドイツ人 " to mean a person from that place. this also applies to 外人 , meaning outsider or foreigner, not sure if it has the same negative connotation though. i think it used to at least, but anyway...

人 is a good example of a japanese grammar thing called kunyomi and onyomi, meaning japanese vs chinese readings of a kanji, since all kanji did come from mandarin. 人 onyomi (chinese reading) is "jin", while its kunyomi (japanese reading) is "hito". not gonna say for certain it's always this way, but from what i've observed, onyomi are used when kanji are used as parts of compound words and for very old things, and kunyomi are used everywhere else like in normal sentences as a word itself.

" あの人は可愛い / ano hito wa kawaii / that person is cute "

" あのアメリカ人は可愛い / ano amerikajin wa kawaii / that american (person) is cute "

coffee -

Behold... Pupbee...

thellere -

This is what I made this website for

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dyedviolet -

Tumblr was like a bunch of people in an apartment building all yelling from their balconies, while so far waterfall is like passing the same few people in a bookstore and sometimes having a chat.

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trans rights are human rights

herobrined -